Improved cleaning procedures

What steps are being taken to clean rental cars?

Keeping our vehicles clean has always been important to us, but right now we know that vehicle cleanliness is even more critical.

That is why we modify the cleaning procedures that we carry out between each rental following the recommendations of various health authorities.

In addition to vacuuming and general cleaning with cloths, we are sanitizing the following key areas with disinfectants between each rental:

  • Key and keychain
  • Center console
  • Compartments and Coasters
  • Seat surfaces and pockets
  • Areas between the seat and console, and the seat and jamb
  • Panel
  • Instrument panels
  • Steering wheel and steering column
  • Accessories panel
  • Interior and door pockets
  • Door handles (interior and exterior)
  • Mirrors
  • Other frequently used areas
  • We also implement measures to immediately isolate and quarantine any vehicle, if necessary.

What is Modena Car Rental doing to protect and reduce risk during this coronavirus outbreak?

Employees working in open branches follow the practices recommended by the World Health Organization and other health authorities to help protect and reduce risk during this coronavirus outbreak. These practices include the following:

  • Limit the number of employees in an office
  • Follow social distancing
  • Stay home if you feel sick
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Frequently cleaning surfaces that are touched with disinfectant
  • Use disposable gloves and a disinfectant when cleaning vehicles
  • Minimize interaction with customers when picking up or delivering vehicles
  • Ensuring local teams have the necessary supplies and resources.
  • Rental sales agents will be wearing masks.

Additionally, all employees are aware that if they are ever uncomfortable with working in a physical office, they have no obligation to work..

Therefore, additional precautions, in addition to cleaning and hygiene between rentals, can be followed to protect clients and employees. We also ask customers to tell us if they are quarantined for COVID-19, are currently diagnosed with the virus, show symptoms of COVID-19, or live or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

Additional precautions include services in place to support contactless rental transactions or measures to immediately isolate and quarantine a vehicle for a period of time if necessary before thoroughly disinfecting it, based on our standard cleaning procedures.

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